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Welcome to Katherine School of the Air

Distance education at its best

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Katherine School of the Air (KSA) was the first distance education school in the Northern Territory to use our own radio frequencies to teach lessons. At KSA, we believe in providing the highest quality of education to our students in remote and isolated areas. Our experienced and dedicated teachers offer an innovative and engaging learning experience that enables students to reach their full potential. We are committed to supporting our students every step of the way.

How do we teach at KSA?



KSA utilises Microsoft Teams as an all in one platform to deliver lessons and course material.



Here at KSA, teachers develop the course material each term using the Australian Curriculum to provide a well rounded education for our students.

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KSA is committed to personalised learning for each student so that they achieve optimal academic, social & emotional outcomes. 

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Home Tutors & Parents

Distance education requires students to be supervised & supported during school hours.

The home tutor role is imperative for a successful learning experience for students.

KSA Community

KSA is dedicated to enabling families, students and home tutors to engage in our supportive community. 

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