Katherine School of the Air caters for students from Preschool to Year 9 in the northern half of the Northern Territory, from Elliott and including the islands off the NT coast

  1. Geographical Isolation

  2.  Dual Enrolment 

  3. Special Circumstance - medical grounds - significant support needs (flexible learning arrangements), education, exclusion or expulsion 

  4. Parent employment - interstate or overseas 

  5. Travelling - interstate or overseas

  6. Elite Performance 

Enrolment Categories

Dual Enrolment Criteria



  • Components of the school's program are delivered in the students first language 

  • The school has limited capacity to deliver alternative programs or programs that meet the student's needs 

  • The student requires a flexible education arrangement 

Dual Enrolment in a NT Government school / KSA, requires one of the following criteria must be met:

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Children turning four…

  • before/on 30 June are eligible to enrol in preschool at the commencement of the school year.

  • after 30 June are eligible to enrol in preschool at the commencement of semester 2  with the understanding that the child will access more than 12 months of preschool.

  • after 30 September who have not enrolled at the commencement of semester 2, are eligible to enrol at the commencement of the following school year.

  • who are already enrolled in a government preschool are eligible to enroll throughout the school year.

Age of Entry for
Preschool Students 

  • Enrolment must be for a minimum of 1 semester (20 weeks)

  • The student must be suitably supervised and supported by an adult each school day to complete their learning program 

  • The student must have telephone, computer and internet access

  • The student must be provided with an appropriate learning space and environment 

Distance Education Criteria


Geographical Isolation Criteria



  • The distance between the family home and the nearest appropriate government school is ar least 56kmvia the shortest practicable route 

  • There is no reasonable access to an appropriate government school for at least 20 days of the school year because of adverse travel conditions to other circumstances beyond the family's control 

A student may be enrolled on the grounds of a geographical isolation where they meet one of the following criteria;

Special Circumstances Criteria



  • Medical grounds - Student has a long-term illness or medical condition preventing attendance and has medical certification to validate they cannot attend mainstream school for more than 80 consecutive school days

  • Significant Support Needs - School, regional resources, extensive adjustments and intervention strategies have not been able to meet the addition needs of the student and evidence demonstrates the student cannot attend or participate in mainstream schooling on a regular basis 

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