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About Us

KSA has been in operation since 1966

We offer Distance Education to students from Preschool to
Year 9

Our borders run from Tiwi Islands in the north, south to the Barkly Tablelands district, east to the QLD border and west to the WA border 

We take a variety of enrolments including geographically isolated, travelling, dual enrolments and special circumstances

Katherine School of the Air is a Distance Education School, one of the three NT Distance Education Schools under the Northern Territory Department of Education (DOE). The school caters for isolated Primary and Middle School students who reside in the top half of the Northern Territory of Australia and Northern Territory residents temporarily travelling or based elsewhere. The school also caters to urban students that require alternative pathways.

The term “School of the Air” refers to the delivery of lessons via video conferencing software. Today KSA delivers lessons via video conferencing software. Paper-based materials are still provided to students where necessary for students learning needs.


Get to know our town

Katherine has a sub-tropical climate. There are two distinct seasons a wet and a dry. The wet season is from October to April and the dry season from May to September.

During the dry season the vegetation dries out and the weather is idyllic with dry sunny days of on average between 25° to 35° Celsius.

Katherine School of the Air is located in the town of Katherine in the “Top End” of the Northern Territory of Australia, approximately 300 kilometers southeast of the city of Darwin.

The school is surrounded by lush gardens and is situated on Giles Street (the road to Katherine Gorge) and is approximately three kilometres from the town’s centre.


Geographically Katherine School of the Air covers a huge area (approx. 800 000 square km.). To gain some concept of the area the school covers, this is more than three times the size of the United Kingdom or New Zealand, more than twice the size of Japan or 40 times the size of Switzerland. It extends from the islands off the north coast to the 18 degrees South parallel. East to West, it extends to the borders of Queensland and Western Australia.

Most of the school’s patrols, School Camp and In School are scheduled for the dry season when travel is easiest. Swim School is conducted at the onset of the wet seasons in conjunction with the end of year Christmas Concert.

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